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SAT Training - Boost Your SAT Score

Students can learn the ins and outs of SAT testing with SAT training from C2 Education. By building learning and test taking strategies, C2 Education helps prepare students not just for the SAT, but also for college level academic work.

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What Does the SAT Measure?

According to the College Board, the current SAT measures "developed reasoning," which includes skills developed inside and outside of school, such as reading, reasoning, and analytical skills.

At C2 Education, training for the SAT is more than just learning how to take the test. It's about building the skills necessary to apply school lessons in a test environment and learning core skills in math, reading, and writing to prepare for college level work. In other words, SAT training at C2 Education advances students' "developed reasoning," resulting in guaranteed 10% improvement on test scores for students who train with us.*

The C2 Education Difference

Our tutors are dedicated to a personalized approach to SAT training that addresses each student's individual needs and learning style. Our training is live, in-person, and one-on-one so our tutors get to know their students' personalities and interests, allowing them to become mentors and coaches as well as tutors. 

Each student's SAT training begins with a free consultation and diagnostic test to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and learning style. The program director will work with a tutor to design SAT training that addresses each student's needs in ways that are most effective for them. 

The Need for SAT Training

The competition for admission into America's colleges has never been fiercer. Since more than half of all colleges view the SAT as one of the three most important admission factors, boosting SAT scores significantly enhances a student's chances of admission. 

Start a personalized SAT training program with a free consultation from C2 Education.  

*Applies only to students with initial scores below 2000.



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