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Which is the Best SAT Test Preparation Course?

Why choose an SAT test preparation course designed for a large group when most people agree that individualized education is the most effective type of teaching? Smaller class size, personal attention from teachers, and support from paraprofessionals in the classroom all have made teaching more effective in schools.

C2 Education SAT preparation offers individualized programs proven to boost scores. Start with a free consultation today!

Start SAT Test Preparation Early

Students preparing to take the SAT have no time to waste. Staying on top of their coursework, preparing for AP tests, participating in extracurricular activities, and completing college applications all compete for high schoolers' limited time. The last thing they need to add to that list is cramming for the SAT.

Students and parents alike need to know how to select the best SAT prep program. One of the biggest factors to consider is the level of personalized attention a course is prepared to devote to a student. Many SAT prep courses consist of large groups of students in a college-like lecture hall. But numerous studies over the years have shown that lower student to teacher ratios equate to higher academic performance. The Center for Public Education processed the results of 19 studies and concluded that:

In addition to class size, subject matter is another key factor when selecting an SAT prep course. Many of the larger classes follow a generic syllabus designed to cover the SAT test in full. But most students have one specific area where they need the most attention. In these large classes, students who really need help in math will have to endure the same teachings as the student next to them who needs most of their help in language. And in fact, many of these classes are ACT and SAT comprehensive as opposed to focusing on just one or the other. 

At C2 Education, we offer SAT test preparation with a 3-to-1 student to teacher ratio, 1-on-1 tutoring and specialized subject matter. 

Get Personalized SAT Test Prep at C2 Education

C2 Education SAT test preparation begins with a diagnostic test and consultation that evaluates the student's strengths, challenges, and learning style. The program director then reviews the student's school record and stated goals to determine his or her unique needs.

The program director, in conjunction with a tutor, will then use this information to design a customized SAT preparation plan that meets the student's individual needs and goals, and accommodates his or her learning style. 

Better Tutors Means Better Preparation

C2 tutors are dedicated to giving students the personalized attention they need to feel confident about taking the SAT and increasing their scores. All C2 Education tutors have college degrees and have met the rigorous standards of the official C2 Instructor Examination. 

We're so confident in our success rate that we guarantee students who participate in our preparation program will increase their SAT score by at least 10%.* We're also prepared to help students transition from the current SAT to the new SAT in the spring of 2016.

Sign up for a free consultation from C2 Education today, and get started with the best SAT test prep course available.

*Applies only to students with initial scores below 2000 on the current SAT. 


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