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Private Tutors and SAT Test Prep

There are lots of SAT prep programs out there, and students might have a hard time deciding which one is right for them. Choosing an experienced SAT prep tutor from C2 Education is an easy decision for students looking for a different kind of preparation, one that focuses on their specific needs and exploits their individual strengths with guaranteed results.*

At C2 Education, our expert SAT prep tutors offer personalized attention and customized programs for every student. Find a location near you and get started today. 

Personalized Programs from the Best Tutors

Every student starts SAT preparation with a free consultation and diagnostic test. Then our program directors review the results to determine areas of strength and areas where students can improve. Using this information, our SAT prep tutors can design a customized program of instruction that highlights areas of opportunity and takes full advantage of a student's strengths. Because our tutors work one-one-one with students, they get to know each student's personality, learning style, and interests in order to develop trust and facilitate learning. Students meet face-to-face with their tutors at times that are convenient for them. 

Only the Best SAT Prep Tutors Will Do

Between course work, homework, extra-curricular activities, and more, high school students have plenty of demands on their time. And they shouldn't waste their time with SAT prep tutors who aren't maximizing their potential, developing their skills, and giving them the confidence they need to earn attention-getting scores on their SATs. 

That's why students should visit C2 Education for expert, highly qualified SAT tutors who know how to help students reach their full potential. Before they become C2 Education tutors, our candidates must pass a rigorous hiring process followed by extensive training that allows them to address each student's needs and exploit their strengths. All of our tutors:

Better Results Guaranteed

We are so confident in the expertise of our SAT prep tutors that we guarantee at least a 10% increase in the initial scores of students who come to C2 Education for SAT test preparation.* Sign up for a free consultation from C2 Education today, and begin a path to success on the SAT.

*Applies to students who scored below 2000 on initial test.



New SAT vs Old SAT:  What Are the 8 Big Changes?: https://www.c2educate.com/content/sat-new-vs-old/

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