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Most colleges and universities require that students take a standardized admissions test, such as the SAT, before they submit their applications. Recently, the College Board made significant changes to the SAT. These changes go into effect in the spring of 2016, and students must stay on top of these changes to successfully prepare for the test. C2 Education has learning centers and tutors that can help any student prepare for the SAT.

How SAT Learning Centers Can Help Students

High scores on the SAT and the ACT, when combined with a high GPA, are good indicators of academic success. Starting early on standardized test preparation with C2 Education is the best way to get ready for college and carve the path to an excellent future.

C2 Education’s SAT prep programs meet individual needs through two steps:

  1. A full-length diagnostic test and consultation with a C2 program director to determine strengths and areas of opportunity.
  2. The development of a customized learning plan, which includes small-group settings to provide support and engagement.

C2 Education's SAT learning centers help ambitious students earn the highest scores and get into good colleges. Tutors educate students on using good study strategies, building confidence, and completing the admissions process after the SAT is taken.

Preparing for New Changes to the 2016 SAT

Bruce Reed with Time concluded in a June 2015 article that while the SAT won’t be a harder test, more prep and tutoring will help students understand how to take the test and succeed.

Though there are many changes to the SAT, the highly trained tutors at C2 Education are prepared to guide students through all the new changes and challenges.

C2's SAT prep will help students with the new changes, including:

Students and parents alike might wonder, even with all of this SAT prep, do C2 tutors and learning centers really work? The answer is yes.

C2 SAT Prep Value

With the SAT changes that occurred in 2005, C2 tutors and test prep specialists were able to boost SAT scores by 362 points (on the 2400 point test):

C2 Education has developed new SAT prep programs, as well a host of materials and training initiatives, designed to help students navigate the new changes in math, writing, reading, and the essay.

Students interested in preparing for the SAT and maximizing their scores can start by signing up for a free consultation at the nearest C2 Education center. 



Time 2015 article: http://time.com/3905719/the-new-sat/ 

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