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Prepare for the SAT & ACT at C2 Education

Many students may wonder about the best way to approach SAT and ACT prep in order to achieve successful scores. C2 Education provides free SAT and ACT prep programs that are customized to meet each student’s individual needs. Through personalized test preparation sessions with highly qualified tutors, students can learn fundamentals, strategies, and skills to help them prepare for success on the ACT and SAT. 

SAT and ACT Prep at C2 Education

The SAT and ACT are exams used to determine entrance into many colleges and universities. Some students take the tests multiple times to obtain the highest score possible. SAT and ACT test prep at C2 Education can help students improve their test scores. 

What is the SAT?

What is the ACT?

Why Students Should Prepare for Both the SAT and ACT

Students began taking the new SAT in the Spring of 2016. The new SAT changes include no penalties for wrong answers and evidence-focused reading, among other things. Studying for the new SAT can also help students prepare for the ACT because the tests are similar. 

Students should start preparing for either test at least six months in advance of the testing dates. Taking a free diagnostic test for the SAT and ACT can give students a good idea of strengths and areas of improvement. Practice tests and SAT and ACT test prep courses can also help students decide which test is a better fit. 

C2 Education has over 20 years of experience in SAT and ACT prep. We offer our own curriculum that meets students on their level through a combination of class lessons, homework assignments, and practice exams designed to help students master fundamentals and improve test scores. 

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