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Private SAT Course Prep

Private SAT and PSAT tutoring programs help students master both the knowledge tested by the SAT and the nature and format of the test itself. When personalized to a student's individual learning style and needs, 1-on-1 SAT tutoring can be even more effective. C2 Education offers just that.  

C2 Education Private SAT Tutoring

Unfortunately for most students who are determined to make a near-perfect score on their SAT, studying alone just isn't enough. The goal of C2 Education is to help maximize the time students spend in the classroom, and the time they spend studying on their own, by helping them build more efficient and effective study habits. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing an SAT tutor. 

Figure out which areas need the most attention. 

The SAT is made up of three different parts and unfortunately, too many students fail to focus their preparation in the right areas. At C2 Education, we begin each student with a diagnostic test to assess which areas present the greatest opportunity. Our students then undergo a consultation with a program director and we structure a tutoring plan based on the academic needs and learning style of each student. 

Don't settle for just another tutor.

The SAT curriculum is not just your typical high school course material but many SAT tutors are just typical teachers earning some extra money on the side. Tutors at C2 Education undergo rigorous training and standards that leave only 2% of all applicants with a tutoring job with us. Each of our tutors specializes in a specific area of the test and possesses the communication skills necessary for effective teaching. 

Look beyond the test.

Acing the SAT does not happen by simply memorizing answers. Success on the test begins with effective study skills and the proper balance between SAT study and regular course work. Our students learn the work ethic and learning strategies that will carry them not only past the SAT but through a college classroom and beyond.  Our private SAT tutoring program is about more than just increasing SAT scores; it also helps students master college readiness skills in math, reading, and writing. In fact, we guarantee that students who follow our recommended course of study for SAT prep will increase their SAT score by at least 10%.* 

Studying for the SAT

Before a student can effectively study for the SAT, he or she must understand what materials they will be tested on. The current SAT is made up of three parts: 

Critical Reading

Students have 70 minutes to answer 67 multiple choice questions that test their critical reading, diction, and vocabulary. Students are asked to read a passage and then answer questions about what they have read. They are also asked to complete sentences using appropriate vocabulary words, so students should begin expanding their vocabulary early.


In the math section of the SAT, students have 70 minutes to answer 54 questions covering basic arithmetic, algebra I and II, and geometry. Students are allowed to use a graphing calculator.


This section is comprised of 49 multiple choice questions and one essay question that tests a student's ability to improve sentences and paragraphs and identify sentence errors. Students have 60 minutes to complete the writing portion of the SAT — one 25 minute section, one 10 minute section, and one 25 minute essay. 

It is important to note, however, that the SAT is changing in the spring of 2016. Some of these changes include:

See the video below to learn more about the new SAT. 

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*Applies only to students with initial scores below 2000 on the current SAT.

Business Insider: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-sat-is-changing-its-format-in-2016-and-will-be-easier-2015-6


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