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Middle School Tutor

A tutor can help middle school students build the foundation they'll need to succeed in high school and beyond. By mastering the core skills and knowledge imparted in middle school, their futures will be much brighter. With personalized tutoring, even difficult-to-master subjects become much more accessible. C2 Education offers middle school tutoring for students who need it. 

C2 Education Tutoring for Middle Schoolers

At C2 Education, we understand that middle school is a critical time for students, and we have developed individualized tutoring programs to help them succeed. We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects, including:

Our summer intensive program for reading and writing is perfect for students in grades 5-8 and contains 64 hours of instruction and four assessment tests in just four weeks. 

Who are our tutors?

Only 2% of all our applicants become tutors with C2 Education. These carefully selected tutors:

All of the tutors at C2 Education demonstrate technical mastery of their subject areas and are able to clearly and effectively communicate even the most complicated concepts to students. Additionally, C2 tutors are committed to being more than just tutors — they are also motivators, mentors, and coaches who help guide students through their academic careers.

Besides helping middle school students understand their coursework, C2 Education tutors also help students:

In addition to better grades, middle school students in our tutoring program will walk away with improved time management skills, study habits and personal organization. 

Middle school can be a difficult time for students, and they often require more direction, coaching, and support at this age. With C2 Education tutors by their side, middle school students can build the confidence and skills they need to succeed. This is particularly important given that some education experts recommend students begin preparing for college as early as 6th grade.

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C2 Education is the fastest growing network of private tutoring and educational support centers in the nation, and for good reason — 85% of C2 Education students are accepted to the top 50 universities, 90% of C2 students see improvements in their grades within three months, and 100% of our students pass their state standardized tests.

C2 Education middle school tutors provide the one-on-one support students need. Get started by signing up for a free consultation today! 

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