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Get Help with Math Tutoring!

Given its difficulty, it comes as no surprise that math help and tutoring is in high demand. In fact, more students need help in math than in any other subject, and it's important to get that help as early as possible. For students falling behind in math class, enrolling in a tutoring program from C2 Education can help. 

Math Help from C2 Education

At C2 Education, our tutors work to provide students with the conceptual understanding of math that they will need for current and future math courses. Instead of simply assisting students with their homework, our math tutors help students develop the work habits and study skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.

C2 Education offers tutoring services for elementary, middle, and high school students. Our tutors are qualified to teach many different levels of math, including math fundamentals for elementary school students. We also offer help in upper level math courses that include:

We even provide help preparing for the PSAT, SAT, ACT and AP exams. 

About our Math Tutors

Like Albert Einstein, we at C2 believe that success comes only if education is viewed as a gift and not a task. This philosophy serves as one of our guiding principles and is reflected in the tutors at each of our 150+ locations. 

Only 2% of all our applicants ever end up with a job tutoring for C2. That's because we have standards for our tutors that includes having a four-year college degree in the subject for which they wish to tutor, scoring above the 95th percentile in their field of study and displaying the type of communication and personality traits that lead to the most effective tutoring. Once hired, our tutors attend regular professional development programs to continue to hone their craft. In fact, many of our tutors come from some of the nation's best STEM schools such as MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

When to Get Math Tutoring Help

Determining whether or not a child needs a math tutor can be tricky. Here are a few common signs that a student is falling behind in math: 

One of the best ways to tell if a child is falling behind in math is to talk to his or her teacher. Most teachers will be able to let parents know which concepts their children are having trouble with so parents can make sure they are covered in tutoring.

Get Ahead with a C2 Math Tutor

Even students who are not falling behind in math can benefit from the support of a C2 math tutor. Students who have a passion for math and students who want to build confidence for the future can attend C2 in order to preview upcoming material they will need to master in order to be successful. 

Unlike some academic courses, math builds on itself each year, which means it's important for students to grasp the concepts or get help early. To get expert help from a C2 math tutor, sign up for a free consultation today.



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