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How To Find A Tutor For Your Child

There are numerous tutors and tutoring services available for children and teens, so how do you find the right tutor for your child? Consider these three tips for choosing a good tutor, then learn how C2 Education can help students of all ages achieve academic success. 

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3 Tips for Choosing a Tutor

Every child is unique and finding a tutor that meets his or her individual needs is critical. When searching for a tutor for your child, consider these tips:

1. Determine the type of tutoring needed. Children need tutoring for different reasons, such as enrichment, test prep, maintenance, remediation, and more. Choose a tutor that offers the services your child needs.

2. Consider the tutor's qualifications. Your child's tutor should ideally be a college graduate who has completed a training program or has a teaching degree. Look for a tutoring center that offers a staff of tutors who are trained experts in their field.

3. Build a relationship. Look for a tutoring center/tutor that you and your child can build a relationship with. A great tutor will be able to assess your child's strengths and areas of opportunity by getting to know them and design a tutoring plan based on those qualities. 

C2 Offers Skilled Tutors with Diverse Backgrounds

Our tutors are hand-picked, college graduates who have scored in the top 5th percentile in the subjects they teach. This depth of educational and professional knowledge helps tutors prepare students for the complex challenges throughout their education, and beyond. 

C2 Education is the fastest growing network of private tutoring programs in the United States and focuses on helping good students become even better. Whether students are seeking to improve their GPA, augment their test taking and study skills, receive homework help from trained professionals or improve their standardized testing scores, C2 Education has the right tutors and programs to help them succeed.  



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