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Rates for Elementary School Tutors

Whether children struggle or excel in elementary school, it is never too early to hone study skills, learn time management, and master school subjects. C2 Education offers individually-designed, expert tutoring in math, reading, writing, social studies, and science, and our competitive rates are dependent on each student's unique learning program. Find competitive and individualized tutoring rates starting with a free consultation today!

Competitive Tutoring Rates for Customized Programs

At C2 Education we know that each child comes with challenges and strengths that impact academic success. Our tutoring programs are designed to meet each child's individual needs and play to their strengths for the best possible outcome. Our tutoring rates are based on each student's unique learning program.

The first step in our elementary tutoring program is a diagnostic assessment that highlights where a child excels and where he or she struggles. The diagnostic assessment costs $20 per child and will help us design a customized tutoring program that addresses each student's unique needs.

In the following video, one of our elementary tutors explains more about C2 Education's tutoring program for elementary students.


"A lot of times elementary students are in big classes of 20 to 30 kids and they don't always get to talk one-on-one with a mentor, adult, or teacher. So when I get them in class, I am able to find out what interests them and use that to make them want to learn more."

Why Tutoring in Elementary School is Important

Research on brain development indicates that the brain undergoes enormous growth between the ages of seven and 11, the prime elementary school years. This growth is surpassed only by the growth experienced during infancy and toddlerhood. During these peak times of tremendous growth, a child's brain is ready, willing, and able to learn more and better than at any other time.  

An article published by Children's Bureau says,

Think about all we have to learn in elementary school. The knowledge and the skills that we acquire during these years form the basis of all future education. So it is particularly intriguing that during this age period, the elementary school years, the brain is uniquely receptive and capable of receiving all of this information.

Between the ages of seven to eleven, the brain experiences an incredible growth of neurons. Neurons are the cells that process information in the central nervous system. While they make up only 10% of the cells in the brain, they are solely responsible for communication in the brain. It is the neurons that process, encode, and store information, skills, and abilities.

Tutoring during the elementary school years takes advantage of the brain's natural development and ability to absorb information during this formative time. Building a strong foundation in the early years will help young children become academic achievers as they prepare for college and academic success.

C2 tutors are highly qualified in their fields. They all have four-year degrees and proven records of subject matter expertise. They provide personal attention and tutoring, so every student feels supported. 

Get your child started on the path to a bright future by signing up for a free consultation with C2 Education. 



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