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Interested in Working WIth Elementary Students? Consider a Tutoring Job

Take your teaching to a whole new level and work one-on-one with bright and motivated elementary school students as a C2 Education tutor. Our tutors have the freedom to design customized lessons plans and learning programs based on each student's initial assessment. You will be able to target weaknesses and develop strengths more efficiently than you would in the classroom. Learn more about elementary school tutoring jobs at C2 Education.

Achieve Your Teaching Goals with Us

At C2 Education, we're looking for teachers who are energized by personal interaction with students, teachers who want to form close relationships in order to address academic needs more effectively, and teachers who thrive on seeing their students succeed. You can achieve all of these goals as a C2 Education tutor. After all, aren't these the reasons you became a teacher in the first place?

Working with the Best Students

Students come to C2 Education to improve on the skills they already have and work around the challenges that limit their success. They are eager to learn and willing to put in the extra time to do so. 

Tutors for elementary school students experience the excitement of providing students personalized attention. There are many benefits to offering personalized attention:

Student Testimonials:

"C2 helped prepare me for all facets of the SAT and gave me the confidence I needed on the day of the test to perform my best. Working one on one with my C2 tutor was a great experience that was instrumental in achieving an outstanding score that will allow me to apply to all the colleges of my choice." — Kyle M.
"C2 offered me personalized attention, comfortable learning environment, abundant resources, and enduring support. They really cut through the confusion of college applications and SAT strategies. With C2’s help, I was able to stay ahead of the college admissions game. My C2 teachers were knowledgeable and genuinely invested in my success. When I dropped by C2 months after my last session, my teachers still remembered me by name!" — Christina M. 
"My time at C2 was fantastic. The tutors were instrumental in helping me improve my SAT score, and also helping in the development of my college essays. Everyone was always friendly, and it was a very welcoming and comfortable learning environment." — Suhas G.
"I came to C2 because my mom made me, but I am so grateful for it. Even while working very hard, I felt relaxed and comfortable with the tutors at all times. I really loved all the tutors I worked with and felt lucky to have been helped by such knowledgeable people. Keep doing what you’re doing , C2, because it works!" — Amy Y.

Working with the Best Tutors

When you join C2, you'll be joining a team of experts with a passion for educating elementary, middle, and high school students. Our tutors have all earned four-year degrees and have demonstrated teaching expertise by mastering the C2 Instructor Examination.

In the following video, C2 Education tutor Sara Netto explains what it is like to tutor elementary school students at C2.


If you're ready for a challenge that makes an impact on the future, you're ready for an elementary tutoring job at C2 Education. Find out more about our career opportunities at C2 Education.

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