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Looking for the Best ACT Prep Course?

Taking an ACT prep course is a great way for high school students to familiarize themselves with the exam's content and determine specific areas of improvement. C2 Education offers one of the best ACT prep courses in the country, and is the fastest growing network of personalized tutors and education support centers in the nation.

Why Choose C2 Education for ACT Prep?

At C2 Education, we understand that a prep course is only as effective as the teacher teaching it, and all of our tutors have superior educational and professional qualifications. Additionally, our ACT prep courses are fully customized to meet each student's individual needs. 

Not only will we help students understand the course material that will be covered by the ACT, but we also help students:

What Students Should Know Before They Take the ACT

Before taking the ACT, it is important for students to know whether or not it is the exam that will best represent their academic strengths. 

Generally, students have two choices when it comes to choosing an achievement test for college: the SAT and ACT. Understanding the difference between these two exams can help high school students make a more informed decision about which test they should take, or if they should take both. 

The ACT has five parts: 

The current SAT has three parts:

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, however, the SAT will be changing. Read more about these changes, here.

Since the ACT includes a science section, students who have a history of performing well in their high school science classes may want to take the ACT over the SAT. On the other hand, students who have struggled in their high school science classes may be better off sticking to the SAT, which emphasizes vocabulary and writing.

One of the best ways for students to decide is for them to take a practice test of each. The test that they score higher on during practice will likely be the test they will score higher on during the official exam. Plus, it gives students a very accurate idea of what they will experience when taking the real exam.

Signing Up for C2 Education's ACT Prep Course

C2 Education is committed to helping students of all grade levels succeed through personalized tutoring, SAT/ACT prep, AP exam help, and comprehensive Summer programs. Students can be confident with the knowledge that 85% of our students are accepted at the top 50 colleges and universities, 100% pass state standardized tests, and 90% see improvement in their grades within three months.

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