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Finding AP Tutoring for High School Students

Online tutoring, private tutoring, after school help: the list of educational tutoring options for high school students in AP courses might seem endless. Parents and their aspiring scholars need an effective and convenient solution. C2 Education is the fastest growing network of AP tutors in the country, and we offer a free diagnostic test to potential students and design tutoring curriculum around those results.

AP Tutoring at C2 Education

Given that submitting an AP exam score to colleges does benefit students, it's best to ensure success on that exam. With so many difficult classes to juggle and a challenging exam to prepare for, even the most focused AP students can benefit from extra help through private tutoring. The tutors at C2 Education help high school students excel in their AP courses by providing personalized academic support in a wide range of AP subjects, including:

Before a student enrolls in C2 Education's AP tutoring program, they will first take a diagnostic exam that will help determine their specific strengths and areas that need improvement. These results will help our tutors provide the student with a customized tutoring plan. In the following video, we explain other ways that C2 Education is helping students to succeed every day.

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AP Classes FAQ

Advanced placement classes are designed to challenge advanced students and help prepare them for the course load that they will face in their future college courses. In fact, AP classes can even earn high school students college credit and help them save on college tuition. Below, we answer some common questions regarding AP classes, tutoring, and placement exams.

How many AP classes should a student take?

According to an article published by Los Angeles Times, "For highly selective schools such as Ivy League schools, Stanford, and public universities like UCLA and UC Berkeley, it’s common for accepted applicants to take about eight AP classes throughout high school, though that number can range from five to 13."

Is taking the AP exam mandatory for AP students?

In general, taking the AP exam is not mandatory. However, there have been cases where certain school districts have required AP students to take the AP exam in order to pass their AP classes. It is also worth noting that submitting an AP exam score with a college application can benefit AP students, because it shows admissions officers that they were able to handle the course load, retain the information that they learned, and utilize it on the exam.

How much does it cost to take the AP exam? 

For exams administered within the U.S and Canada, the AP exam fee is $92 per exam. Exams administered outside of the U.S. and Canada include an exam fee of $122 per exam.

Can a student take the AP exam if he or she has not taken AP classes?

Yes. According to the College Board, "Because the College Board is committed to providing access to AP exams to all students—including homeschooled students and students whose schools do not offer AP—students do not have to take an AP course before taking an AP exam."

How much college credit will students earn for taking AP classes?

The answer to this will vary depending on the institutions you are considering. This AP credit policy search can help students find colleges and universities that offer credit for AP scores. 

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