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AP Tutoring in a Wide Range of Subjects

AP classes and exams are serious matters for students who are applying to top-tier colleges and universities. However, even ambitious and driven high school students may face difficulty with AP subjects. Tutoring is an important option for students to consider; a good tutor can help students master the core skills and materials tested on AP exams and give them the edge they need to succeed.

C2 Education offers AP tutoring in a wide range of subjects so that students can maximize their AP exam scores.

C2 Education Services

At C2 Education, we help prepare students for college through a variety of academic enrichment services and customized curricula. Our AP tutors provide students with an in-depth review of key skills and subjects and act as mentors throughout the college application process.

Some of the AP subjects that we offer tutoring in are:


History and social science


...and several others! On top of assisting students with their AP coursework, C2 Education helps students learn basic time management and study skills that will help them score highly on their AP exam. And remember: unlike the SAT and ACT (which students can take multiple times to improve their score), students get only one chance on the AP exam. So, it's best if students approach that one chance fully prepared to excel.

In the following video, we talk in detail about AP classes and why they are important for high school students planning for college. 

There's an age old question that all students and parents ask every Spring: What is better—Getting an A in a regular class or a B in an AP class? But before I can answer that question, let's take a few steps back and talk about what APs are and why they exist. 

The field of highly competitive college applicants is getting crowded like never before, and students need to find additional ways to stand out. To a greater extent than ever before, colleges want students with strong grades, but even more so, with strong programs of study. That is where APs come into play. Ultimately, AP courses are designed to prepare students for AP exams, which are scored on a scale of one to five. Each score is equivalent to a grade you would receive if you took that course in college. Top schools often require a score of a four or five to even be considered.

Succeeding in AP Subjects

Although taking AP classes is important to a high school student's academic success, that alone is not enough to wow admissions officers. Students must also:

These things, paired with a student's normal day-to-day responsibilities can make for an overwhelming high school career, especially for students who lack time management skills. Ironically, however, taking AP classes can help teach students the skills they need to better manage their time — a skill that is essential to success in college.

According to College Board, "Taking an AP course builds the skills you'll need throughout your college years. You give your mind a rigorous workout while polishing up your time management and study skills. You also get better at handling challenging issues and problems, with the support of your AP teachers."

In theory, using an AP course to improve time management and study skills is great. But students without these skills are going to have a tough time building them without some guidance. That's where C2 Education comes in. Ready to get started? The tutors at C2 Education are eager to help. Sign up for a free consultation today.

College Board: https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/exploreap/the-rewards

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