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After School Tutoring at More than 150 Locations

Students who want after school tutoring programs should look no further than C2 Education! Our expert tutors offer a wide range of academic support and programs that are specially designed for each student. Our after school programs have a proven record of success, and 90% of our students see improvement in their grades within the first three months of enrolling at C2.

A Wide Range of Tutoring Programs

After the school bell rings, students can keep the learning going with academic tutoring programs at C2 Education. We offer tutoring in all subjects and school levels, including:

In our after school tutoring program, students can receive homework help when the material is still fresh in their minds and they are anxious to get it done. Small group tutoring environments allow tutors and students to get to know one another. At that point, tutors can truly provide support that students need, how and when they need it. Students can also gain a different perspective on material and have their questions answered in ways that make sense to them, in a non-intimidating environment.

Best of all, C2 Education students see results:

All Kinds of Support for All Kinds of Students

Our after school tutoring programs are customized to meet each student's individual needs. Our tutors work with:

No matter a student's grade level, strengths, or weaknesses, the tudors at C2 Education can help them reach their goals. Check out the videos below to learn more!

Tutoring Programs for Elementary School Students

In the above video, C2 Education tudor Sara Netto states, "I've taught a lot of elementary school students, and one thing I really like about it is that I am able to find what interests them and use that to motivate them to learn. A lot of times elementary school students are in big classes and they don't always get to talk one-on-one with a mentor, an adult, or a teacher. So when I get them in class, I get to teach them one-on-one and am able to find what interests them and use that to make them want to learn more." 

Tudoring Programs for High School Students

In the video above, C2 Education tudor Patrick Burrell states, "Working with high school students is really great here at C2.  Myself and most of the tudors are relatively young, so we can still remember what high school was like and relate to what our students are going through. This makes it easy to develop positive relationships with our students. It is always fun to hear what they are going through on a day-to-day basis, whether it is a school dance, sports, or clubs that they are in. But I think the best thing is that they can bounce questions off of us about what college is like, about what it takes to get into the school they want to get into, and what all of the work they are doing is going towards."

Why Choose a C2 Education Tutoring Program?

While we work with students of all ages, with different goals and challenges, they all receive guidance in building time management, personal organization, and study strategy skills.

Whether students are coming to C2 after school, or they're joining us for a summer intensive program, they leave better equipped to handle their current studies and future college-level work. 

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