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Getting the Best ACT Tutor

For students planning to take the ACT, working with an ACT tutor can help take their scores from average to exceptional — and that's exactly what students need to be accepted into top universities. At C2 Education, we are dedicated to providing personalized ACT tutoring and educational support to students across the United States. To get started with C2 Education, sign up for a free consultation.

Why Invest in an ACT Tutor?

Investing in an ACT tutor pays off in the long run, but before investing time and money into a tutoring program, it's important for a student and parent to choose the best option available. Students are taking the ACT now more than ever before, so at C2, we've developed a specific ACT prep program that helps students improve their scores by:

C2 students enjoy the benefits of their tutoring investment via college admissions, test scores, and grade improvement. We're proud to say that 85% of our students are accepted at the top 50 colleges and universities, 100% pass state standardized tests, and 90% show improvement in their grades within three months. 

Our ACT Tutors

Our ACT tutors are not just ordinary tutors. Here's what students and parents should know about C2 Education tutors:

Our tutors do more than just prepare students for the ACT exam. They are mentors that support their students every step of the way, bringing encouragement and enthusiasm in their approach to test preparation. They also work with students on engaging in the proper study habits and time management necessary to adequately prepare for the test. These are skills that will benefit the student long after the ACT exam is complete. 

Our ACT tutoring program is not of the "one-size-fits-all" variety. We begin by issuing a diagnostic test to each student to evaluate which parts of the ACT they may excel at and which parts need more attention. Students then meet with a program director to assess their learning style and a customized tutoring plan for that student is then built from the ground-up. 

The ACT: What Every Student Should Know

Like the SAT, the ACT is a timed exam that tests a student's knowledge on a wide range of subjects. There are five sections:

1. English. This portion of the exam measures a student's rhetorical and standard written English skills. 

2. Mathematics. This section measures a student's mathematical skills and covers pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, and plane geometry. 

3. Reading. This portion of the test measures a student's reading comprehension.

4. Science. During the science section, students are tested on interpretation, analysis, reasoning, evaluation, and problem-solving skills relative to natural science.

5. Optional writing test. Although the writing portion of the ACT is optional, we at C2 Education suggest that all students complete this portion of the test. The ACT writing test measures a student's writing skills that they have developed in their high school English classes.

While students study all of these subjects throughout their years in school, it's not always easy to display that knowledge during a standardized test. That's why ACT tutors are helpful to students who want to ace the test. 

The highly trained tutors at C2 Education are committed to helping high school students succeed at every portion of the ACT. Register for a free C2 Education consultation today!


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