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Prep for the ACT with Private Tutoring Services

For high school students taking the ACT, some private tutoring can be the key to a score that stands out on college applications. ACT scores are one of the top three factors colleges use for admission decisions, so adequate preparation for the test is essential. 

ACT private tutoring from C2 Education can help students prepare for the ACT while developing skills and habits that will continue to help them throughout college. 

 C2 Education's Private ACT Tutors 

C2 Education offers ACT tutoring that is completely customized and designed to meet each student's needs. Each student starts with a full-length diagnostic test and a consultation with one of our program directors in order to determine strengths and areas that need improvement. We then work to customize each student's ACT private tutoring program, ensuring he or she gets the most out of each session. 

At C2 Education, ACT private tutoring can help students:

C2 vs. the Rest

When selecting a tutor for the ACT, it's important to avoid the common pitfalls. Some of these include:

At C2 Education, we identify areas of opportunity for each student and get an early start on focusing our tutoring efforts there. We provide 1-on-1 tutoring and each of our tutors was in the top 2% off all applicants. 

About the ACT

The ACT is an achievement test that is designed to measure what students have learned in school. Before a high school student can be considered for admission into a 4-year college or university, he or she must submit SAT or ACT scores.

The ACT tests four subjects — English, math, reading, and science — and students have the option to take a writing test. The ACT is more literal and straightforward, while the SAT requires more analysis and critical thinking.

Even the best of students can benefit from ACT private tutoring, and with more than 150 learning centers around the nation, C2 Education is readily available to help.

Sign up for a free consultation today, and find out how our ACT private tutoring program can help maximize ACT scores.



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