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ACT Prep Classes that Work

Preparing for the ACT test is a big deal, and doing well depends on more than just making good grades in school. However, an ACT prep class or course can give students the help they need in mastering critical skills and understanding the nature of the test itself. And with the ACT test prep offered by C2 Education, getting ready has never been easier. 

Taking the ACT Instead of the SAT 

The SAT and ACT are both designed to test how well a high school student can retain information and solve problems, and most universities place equal weight on results from the SAT and ACT. Therefore, it is up to the student which exam they take. Many students who excel in math and science choose to take the ACT over the SAT because of its emphasis on these subjects. 

Still, the best way for students to decide is to take a practice test of each. The test on which they score higher during practice, is the test they will most likely score highest on during the official exam. C2 Education offers SAT and ACT prep classes that include practice tests, and helps students make the best decision between the two tests.

The ACT: What is Tested?

The ACT differs from the SAT in that it mainly tests a student's knowledge in different subjects. The exam includes five timed sections:

1. English

2. Reading

3. Science

4. Mathematics

5. Optional essay 

The ACT prep classes offered by C2 Education help high school students prepare for the ACT by focusing on the following core concepts:

Do ACT Prep Classes Really Help?

The answer to this question is, "Yes." But the key to scoring high on the ACT is to begin preparing early. An article published by ACT.org states, "Earning high scores on the ACT is not simply a matter of innate ability or short term preparation, but reflects a level of achievement resulting from planning, hard work, and dedication."

The tutoring programs offered by C2 Education are designed to help guide students through every step of their academic careers — from elementary to high school. In addition to SAT and ACT prep classes, we offer Summer Programs, personalized tutoring for a wide range of subjects, and advanced placement exam help.

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ACT.org: https://www.act.org/research/policymakers/pdf/best_testprep.pdf

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