How to Prepare for College

What is college prep? We are. Our step-by-step college prep checklist offers tips on how to prepare for the biggest moment of your academic career thus far – college admittance. With 20 years of experience, your dream school – and dream life – is one C2 Education call away. Fill out the form to learn more!

Step 1: Look at Everything You’ve Done So Far
We analyze your entire academic transcript, from your GPA and class rank to all of your extracurriculars. We use this information to advise you on what colleges are right for you and what you need to do to successfully get into them.

Step 2: Start Taking the Right Classes
We help you fill in any holes in your academic preparation by recommending the classes that will set you apart from other dream school candidates.

Step 3: Do Well on Tests
C2 offers award-winning* tutoring in the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams. Better yet, our experts will tell you which ones to take.

Step 4: Get the Right Scholarships
We can help you make smart financial decisions about college expenses and help you find scholarships so that money isn’t a determining roadblock for your future success.Want to learn more? Fill out the form for a free one-hour session.

*National Tutoring Association Program of the Year