C2 Education’s September Senior Checklist

    High school seniors beware: College application season is here! Students who hope to gain admission at some of the nation’s top schools face an uphill battle – for the past several years, college admissions has grown increasingly competitive. Seeking any edge, many high school students have begun taking advantage of early action or early decision programs available at many … [Read more...]

The SAT’s Lesser Known Cousins: SAT Subject Tests

Every high school student knows the importance of the main college admissions tests, the SAT and the ACT. Students understand how vital these tests are to the college admissions process, and they prepare accordingly. But many students do not know about the SAT’s lesser known cousin, the SAT Subject Tests. These tests are less popular, but can provide an essential boost to college applications, … [Read more...]

Do Standardized Tests Kill Reading Skills?


As the number of students that take standardized tests rises, the number of parents criticizing these tests is also rising... Nearly every standardized test includes a reading component. On the typical test, students are asked to read a small selection or excerpt and then answer a short series of multiple choice questions about the material. On the surface, this methodology makes sense: By … [Read more...]

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