So You Think You Know: Daylight Saving Time Edition


Most of the nation turned the clocks back over the weekend thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time. Here is everything you might not know about this strange time-changing custom. Ben Franklin didn’t invent Daylight Saving Time. Ben Franklin is commonly thought to have first come up with the idea of Daylight Saving Time, a myth perpetuated by the movie National Treasure. This is just one of … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: Santa Has An Evil Twin

In many European countries, Krampus rides shotgun with Santa In honor of the upcoming holidays, we decided to write a special So You Think You Know post. If you're one of the many people who find the Christmas season to be a bit overly saccharine, Santa's evil twin is just the thing to knock you back into the holiday spirit. In parts of Europe, St. Nicholas -- Santa's predecessor -- is … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: Turkey Day Edition

Despite retailers' penchant for completely skipping over Thanksgiving in order to put Christmas decorations out before Halloween, the vast majority of us still take the time to celebrate this non-retail holiday. When you take your seat at the family table, here are some Thanksgiving factoids to help liven up the dinner conversation: Let's Talk Turkey Turkey comas are a myth! Tryptophan does make … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: The Declaration of Independence Was Signed on July Fourth

On the Fourth of July, Americans from coast to coast gather to celebrate America’s Independence. Most people believe that we celebrate on this date because the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. But it wasn’t. In fact, John Hancock, the first signatory on the document, did not set his name to the Declaration of Independence until a signing ceremony held on August 2, … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: Subjects and Verbs Have to Agree

From an early age, we are taught that subjects and verbs have to agree. Singular subjects get singular verbs, and plural subjects get plural verbs – seems simply enough, right? Wrong. As the NBA Finals have proven, the English language is a tricky beast. Copy editors across the nation are pulling their hair out in frustration as the Miami Heat takes on the Oklahoma City Thunder – or should … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: Baby Charity Scams

If you’re on the internet (and you must be to be reading this), you’re probably also on Facebook. And if you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a post like this: "Facebook is donating $3 for every share and a dollar for every like in order to save this infant burn victim." And, looking at that photo, what kind of terrible, selfish human being would you have to be to not click “Like”? … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: Pink Slime Follow-Up


Is Pink Slime invading your home? For those of you who read our previous post about pink slime in ground beef, we have some good news and some bad news. First the good news: The USDA announced last week that schools will be allowed to choose whether or not to serve ground beef with pink slime beginning next fall. At the very least this opens the doors for concerned parents to lobby their local … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: School Lunch Ground "Beef"


                                 They call it "pink slime". We’re willing to bet that your child’s school has hamburgers on the lunch menu. And, as we all know, hamburgers are made of beef. Except when they’re not. According to USDA regulations, it is totally fine for up to 15% of the ground beef served in our schools to be made up of “lean beef trimmings,” better known as “pink slime.” … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: The Star Spangled Banner


Many people have forgotten the story of our national anthem – a true shame because it is a uniquely interesting tale. Common Misconceptions About “The Star Spangled Banner”: The song was written during the Revolutionary War. Francis Scott Key was arrested by the British. Francis Scott Key was a well known poet. … [Read more...]

So You Think You Know: Albert Einstein


It is a popular misconception that Albert Einstein, the brain behind the theory of relativity and the father of modern physics, flunked math as a child. In fact, this myth originated with an issue of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not titled “Greatest living mathematician failed in mathematics.” There were actually two inaccuracies in that title: A) Einstein was a physicist, not a mathematician, and B) he … [Read more...]

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