Study Skills for Parents

    Study Skills for Parents   1. Teach your child that he controls his own success Students often come to believe that doing well in school is about being smart or being lucky. While natural intelligence can give a student an extra edge, school success is about hard work and effort. Each student has control over whether or not he succeeds because…

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Posted January 17th, 2017

Parenting Resolutions

    Parenting Resolutions 1. Meal Planning Helps…No, Really If you often find yourself at a loss as to what to make for dinner (only to end up putting a frozen pizza in the oven in sheer desperation), then you’re not alone. And if you also find yourself thinking, “Yeah, I could plan meals ahead of time, but who has time for that?” you’re als…

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Posted January 13th, 2017

5 College Admissions Tips

    5 College Admissions Tips 1. Show Interest! If you have the grades, test scores, and other qualifications for admission, sometimes the thing that pushes your application over the edge is your interest in the school. Colleges are ranked in part based on how many admitted applicants actually enroll, so if you’re well qualified but you haven’t demonstr…

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Posted November 21st, 2016


Are you confused about the difference between the old and new SAT? Let our infographic help explain: [caption id="attachment_11923" align="alignleft" width="735"] These are just a few of the many differences between the old and new SAT. To learn more about the new, harder SAT and how C2 can help your student master it, visit the company's website at[/ca…

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Posted January 9th, 2015