When Mid-Term Reports Disappoint

It's mid-way through the semester for most of the country, and that means interim report cards are out! For many families, mid-term report cards are simply a checkpoint to ensure that students are on the right track to earn the best grades possible. But for other families, mid-term report cards can be a nasty surprise. What should parents do when their children bring home disappointing … [Read more...]

C2 Education’s September Senior Checklist

    High school seniors beware: College application season is here! Students who hope to gain admission at some of the nation’s top schools face an uphill battle – for the past several years, college admissions has grown increasingly competitive. Seeking any edge, many high school students have begun taking advantage of early action or early decision programs available at many … [Read more...]

What We Can Learn from Taylor Swift’s Family

Taylor Swift was recently listed as Forbes Magazine’s “Highest Paid Celeb Under 30”. At 22 years old, this singer/songwriter has legions of fans, a perfume line, and a skyrocketing singing career. Surely her family planned for fame and fortune all along, right? Other popular young singers had mothers who dreamed of their children’s future fame, posting YouTube videos and haranguing talent agents. … [Read more...]

A Sanitized Childhood: Do Millennials Fear Failure?

At C2 Education, we provide our SAT students with routine practice tests in order to gauge improvement and address weaknesses. One of these practice SATs includes an essay prompt which asks, “Is it necessary to make mistakes in order to learn?” In reading responses to this question, you see a lot of students citing examples like Edison and his many failed light bulbs or variations of the truism … [Read more...]

School’s Out for Summer…What Now?

High school students with their eyes on college admissions often wonder what they should do during the long summer break. Of course there are ample opportunities for summer pre-college programs, research opportunities, and formal internships (for more on these opportunities, check out these posts about summer programs in politics, law, math, science, education, and journalism), but many students … [Read more...]

Study: High School Rigor Tied to College Success


Take harder classes in high school! High school students tend to approach their course selections in one of two ways. The first goes something like this: “I will take easy courses so that I can get really high grades so that I will have an impressive GPA and go to a good college.” The second goes like this: “I will take difficult classes so that I will be challenged and so that my transcript will … [Read more...]

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