C220 Dream Big Contest Winner

Update from Hue on her Stanford visit – November 13th, 2017


Our C2 student visiting the Stanford University campus

Dream Big Trip Reflection

Even as I stepped foot onto Stanford’s grounds, it still felt like a dream that I was bound to be awakened from. It was amazing to be able to tour the entirety of the campus, from the church in The Quad’s yard to the living quarters. I’ve learned about the history of the formation of Stanford University to fascinating facts about the architectural aspects and students’ lifestyle. Special thanks to our tour guide who gave me tips and guidance on applications and different groups that I could join and feel as part of the community with, such as societies for different ethnic groups, sport teams and their reputation for winning, musical/instrumental groups that perform at the Bing concert halls, and the Coffee House used for socializing.

As we drove down long endless roads on a golf cart, the beaming sunlight warmed us as much as the thought of attending here. There were many moments on the trip where I can imagine myself this time next year as a freshman student biking to class and looking back on my first time here. I’ve learned so much about different programs (both undergrad and grad) and opportunities, such as overseas studies and funded research projects. The memories are still fresh in my mind as the whole trip introduced me to an experience that I could have never imagined.


Even if the entire tour became a blur, it’s unforgettable when it comes to how the Stanford community made me feel. Every student was extremely welcoming and friendly to us – always ready to lend a hand, share bright smiles, and introduce themselves. It’s inevitable to see how everyone is so tightly connected with one another and is bursting with school spirit and pride. At Stanford, it’s not just about education, it’s also about family. On an ending note, Stanford, you’ve been a dream come true and they do say dreams are just illustrations that your soul is writing about you; I truly hope you become the next chapter in my story. Let’s meet again soon.

Update on Hue’s trip – October 23rd

As her trip to Stanford got closer, Hue gave us some of her thoughts on her upcoming visit.

As the days slowly build up to the official day of the trip, it’s been moments filled with anticipation, congratulations from friends, anxiety, and excitement. Even months from winning the writing contest, it still feels surreal to be heading to California and visiting a prestigious college, like Stanford. As someone who has never been to California, it will truly be a memorable experience that enables me to step out of my comfort zone and approach new people and settings.

It’s exciting and nerve-racking to not know what to expect, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store ahead! This trip will give my family and I some time to bond over a small vacation and let them see the kind of education I want to pursue and receive their input. I also think the timing of this trip is perfect as it occurs right in the beginning of my senior year and college planning. Visiting Stanford will allow me an opportunity to experience campus life, the curriculum, and have any concerns answered.

I am forever grateful toward the C2 community. By the end of this trip, I hope to have made everlasting memories that I can share with everyone back home

Hue Duo

Good luck on your trip Hue!

Check back soon and see what happened during her trip.

Original post: April 14, 2017

C2 Education is celebrating 20 incredible years of taking students toward their dreams with the C220 Big Dream Contest.

A BIG congratulations to our winner – Hue Dao! We are sending this junior from our South Edison Center in Edison, New Jersey on a FREE trip to visit her dream college, Stanford University. Plus, she will receive 20 FREE C2 tutoring hours to help turn her dreams into a reality.

“To even say I won this contest sounds surreal everyday and I like to thank C2education for such an opportunity. We are beyond ecstatic to be able to explore a prestigious college like Stanford. When I look back at this moment, may it be a reminder to myself and every other student, that your dreams are completely valid and attainable.” – Hue Dao

Read her winning essay here and stay tuned for more about her journey.

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