Tutoring Services with Proven Results

At C2 Education, we believe that every student deserves an individual approach to education, which is why our tutoring services are completely customized to meet each student’s unique needs.

How It Works

Every C2 Education program begins with a diagnostic test and consultation with a C2 program director. The diagnostic test results as well as the student’s academic record and goals will be reviewed to assess strengths and areas of opportunity. This review process allows C2’s program directors and tutors to work together to customize each student’s unique program. After the program is underway, parents will be invited to interim conferences to review their child’s progress. C2 offers flexible scheduling options, talented teachers, and a unique line of curricula to C2’s programs build foundational skills that will last, and our small-group setting provides support and engagement.

Tutoring Services for Every Need

C2 Education’s services are completely personalized, and we can customize a program to address any subject area for K – 12 students

Our most popular services include:

  • SAT, ACT, and PSAT
  • Math
  • ISEE and SSAT
  • AP and IB exams
  • State standardized tests
  • Homework help
  • Study skills
  • Summer Programs
  • Magnet school entrance exams

All Students Benefit from Extra Support

C2 Education’s services are designed to provide support for all students. Our highly qualified tutors not only teach academic skills, but also serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding students throughout the school year. Our program directors are expert academic advisors, providing in-depth academic and college admissions counseling in order to keep students on track to meet long-term education goals.

C2 Education Support Courses

C2 Education’s support courses are designed to help students succeed in their current courses. From math to reading and beyond, C2’s support courses go beyond simple homework help to ensure that students master the fundamental skills necessary for continued success.

C2 Education Preview Courses

C2’s preview courses provide students with a unique opportunity to get ahead in school by previewing material for upcoming classes. These courses are particularly helpful to students who hope to shine in honors or Advanced Placement classes.

C2 Education Summer Programs

Our popular Summer Programs offer students the opportunity to spend dedicated time preparing for the SAT, get a preview of coursework for the coming school year, or practice critical reading and writing with a book club-style class.

C2 Education’s Services Get Results

  • 90% see grade improvements within 3 months
  • 100% pass state standardized tests
  • 85% are accepted at top 50 colleges and universities

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