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New C2 Education Location Coming to Danville, CA

C2 Education will be hosting a Grand Opening celebration to herald the opening of a new location in Danville, CA on Thursday, October 18. Join us for free food and drinks, the chance to meet with expert academic consultants, the opportunity to win great prizes including 10 free hours
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Majors & Careers Seminar in NY/NJ

Why Attend? C2 Education’s Majors and Careers Seminar will help students and parents learn how to choose a major, why choosing a major is important, and how picking a major affects career options after graduation. The decisions don’t end once you’ve picked a college – but C2 will alwa
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Grand Opening in San Francisco, California!

C2 is proud to present the Grand Opening of C2 Education West Portal Center in San Francisco, California. The center will officially open on Monday, March 19th, and the Grand Opening Promotion will be available until March 31st, 2012. The Grand Opening Promotion will include Free Diag
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