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The Educational Value of an Election Year

On Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama went head to head in the second of three debates. We watched the debates avidly, hoping for further discussion of the two candidates’ education policy plans — and we were more than a
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Penny Pinching in College: Because You Aren’t Mitt Romney

Both FAFSA season and tax season are upon us, and so it is time to turn our minds to financial matters. Even the world of politics is seeing 1040s and W-2s in the midst of the Mitt Romney tax return fiasco. Since you aren’t Mitt Romney, it is likely that your child either already has
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Help Wanted: Who Wants to Run a Country?

North Korea is adjusting to new leadership – albeit new leadership which appears to be exactly like the old leadership. This is a country facing famine, huge economic inequality, and possibly all-out war against pretty much the entire western world. Because North Korea has a sort of d
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