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The Educational Value of an Election Year

On Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama went head to head in the second of three debates. We watched the debates avidly, hoping for further discussion of the two candidates’ education policy plans — and we were more than a
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National Bullying Prevention Month

As a parent, there are few things more difficult than watching your child attempt to cope with bullies – seeing him return home from school dejected and depressed, watching his grades drop as his interest in school flags, and witnessing his self-esteem plummet because of the well-chos
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C2 Education’s September Senior Checklist

    High school seniors beware: College application season is here! Students who hope to gain admission at some of the nation’s top schools face an uphill battle – for the past several years, college admissions has grown increasingly competitive. Seeking any edge, many high
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Back to School: Your Family’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the first ever State Dinner for children. Okay, technically it was a state LUNCH, but the premise remains the same. 54 very lucky children between the ages of 8 and 12 got to travel to the White House, eat a four-course meal in the glitterin
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What We Can Learn from Taylor Swift’s Family

Taylor Swift was recently listed as Forbes Magazine’s “Highest Paid Celeb Under 30”. At 22 years old, this singer/songwriter has legions of fans, a perfume line, and a skyrocketing singing career. Surely her family planned for fame and fortune all along, right? Other popular young sin
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