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C2 Education Celebrated TWO Successful Grand Openings Last Week!

Last week, C2 Education opened two brand new locations, one on either coast. In the upcoming months, C2 Education will be opening several more centers across the country. The first grand opening, on August 14, was held in Palo Alto, California. With roughly 50 local residents in atten
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Celebrating a Successful Grand Opening in Hacienda Heights

On Saturday, July 21, C2 Education hosted a grand opening ceremony to celebrate the opening of a new location in Hacienda Heights/Walnut, California. The festivities included a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the Mayor of Walnut, Ms. Mary Su, the CEO of the local Chamber of Commer
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C2 Education Brings Majors and Careers Workshop to San Francisco Area

During the month of June, C2 hosted a series of workshops in Southern California to help students and their parents learn about the importance of selecting a major in college and the various career paths available post-graduation. C2’s Majors and Careers workshop has already helped do
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Majors and Careers Workshop: How to Find the Career That’s Right for You

You’ve applied to college, waited by the mailbox, received your admissions packet, filed for financial aid, and sent off your deposit. You can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that the biggest decision of your young life is finally over. And then you hear the dreaded question: Wh
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Majors & Careers Seminar in Seattle, WA

Why Attend? C2 Education’s Majors and Careers Seminar will help students and parents learn how to choose a major, why choosing a major is important, and how picking a major affects career options after graduation. The decisions don’t end once you’ve picked a college – but C2 will alwa
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