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C2 Education Celebrated TWO Successful Grand Openings Last Week!

Last week, C2 Education opened two brand new locations, one on either coast. In the upcoming months, C2 Education will be opening several more centers across the country. The first grand opening, on August 14, was held in Palo Alto, California. With roughly 50 local residents in atten
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Riddle Me This: How Are the Olympics Like College Admissions?

The 2012 Olympic Games, much like all modern Olympic events, have been plagued by a series of scoring controversies that stem primarily from a series of opaque and byzantine scoring rules that leave even the Olympic athletes confused about why they won or lost. Just ask Japan’s Satosh
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C2 Education Brings Majors and Careers Workshop to San Francisco Area

During the month of June, C2 hosted a series of workshops in Southern California to help students and their parents learn about the importance of selecting a major in college and the various career paths available post-graduation. C2’s Majors and Careers workshop has already helped do
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School’s Out for Summer…What Now?

High school students with their eyes on college admissions often wonder what they should do during the long summer break. Of course there are ample opportunities for summer pre-college programs, research opportunities, and formal internships (for more on these opportunities, check out
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National College Decision Day

If your son or daughter is lucky, he or she has been accepted to multiple colleges and universities. Having spent several weeks celebrating these successes, it is now time to make the final decision. May 1 is National College Decision Day, so called because the vast majority of U.S. c
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