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Welcome to C2 Education’s Campaign Speech Writing Contest Voting Page!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed and the winner has been announced! Congratulations to Joelle Kruger from Iowa for winning the Grand Prize of the C2 Education Campaign Speech National Writing Contest!

For the Campaign Speech Writing Contest, we asked students to write a 300-400 word speech explaining what they would do if they could be elected president. We received hundreds of entries and narrowed it down to the following top 10 finalists. Congratulations to all of the following students, whose campaign speeches represent the best written, most compelling, and most original of all of the entries we received.

Vote for your favorite campaign speech and make sure to share these with your friends and family! You can vote once every 24-hour period so make sure to come back every day if you want your favorite entry to win! The voting deadline is February 1 and the winner will be announced February 4th.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 cash scholarship. We urge you to review the entries below and give your vote to the student you find to be the most deserving!


Name Grade State Speech Votes
Jane Kernan 11th Grade Virginia Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Ajay Prabhat 11th Grade New Jersey Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Pamela Yuan 11th Grade Texas Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Corey Fischer 11th Grade Pennsylvania Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Susan Nguyen 12th Grade California Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Joelle Kruger 12th Grade Iowa Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Vernon Johnson 9th Grade Texas Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Charles Yoon 9th Grade Illinois Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Joshua Yen 8th Grade California Click Here to Read  Voting Closed
Kripa Mathew 7th Grade New York Click Here to Read  Voting Closed