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Do You Have A Tutor For AP & SAT II Subject Tests?

Advanced Placement (AP) exams and SAT II Subject Tests can be valuable tools when competing for admission to college – don’t risk a low score!

AP exams are administered each May. Scores from these tests determine whether or not students will be awarded college credit for their AP coursework. Over time, colleges and universities have begun demanding higher and higher scores – in fact, many colleges now require at least a 4 or a 5 (out of a possible 5) in order to receive credit! In addition to the vast amounts of material covered, these tests are lengthy and arduous. Preparing for these exams requires a great deal of effort and know-how – come to C2 today to learn how our highly qualified tutors can help!

SAT II Subject Tests are administered throughout the year, but C2 Education strongly recommends that students take each subject test at the end of the school year in which the student took a class in that subject. So, for example, if you took Chemistry this year, you should take the SAT II Chemistry test in May or June. Although most schools do not require SAT II Subject Tests for admission, they can prove quite helpful. A high score on SAT II Subject Tests can help to offset a poor grade or demonstrate in-depth knowledge in a particular subject. Moreover, many schools utilize these scores for placement purposes, so a high score may allow you to skip an intro course.

The time to prep for these end of year exams is now! This month only C2 Education will offer 20% off registration for summer enrollment – come to C2 today!

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