AKKA: College Admissions Seminar

During the seminar, speaker Jim Narangajavana will help students and parents learn how to begin the college admissions process, including how to find the colleges and universities that best fit each student’s needs and wants. “Finding the right college is about finding the right environment for you to gain access to opportunities and to develop as a person…”


Jim Narangajavana | Co-Founder & Vice President

Jim is the Co-Founder of C2 Education. During his undergraduate years at Harvard (A.B. Biochemical Sciences), Jim volunteered his weekends to help underprivileged students increase their SAT scores and gain college admission. After graduating from Harvard, he continued his passion for teaching and developed the educational systems unique to C2. Currently, he is involved in ensuring the high quality of teaching, the training of teachers, and the development of new curriculum and products.

AKKA: Majors & Careers Seminar

C2 Education’s Majors & Careers Seminar will help students and parents learn why and how to choose a major–as well as how picking a major affects career options after graduation. The decisions don’t end once you’ve picked a college — but C2 will always be there to help you make the right choice!

Francis Kevers | Head of Human Capital

Francis is the Head of Human Capital at C2 Education with responsibility for corporate-wide human capital development. After graduating from MIT (B.S. in Management Science) and INSEAD (MBA), she worked in equity research and in venture capital before turning her career path to education. Since then, she has built strong ties to the Bay Area communities as a program director and spent countless number of hours working closely with students and parents. She is a UCLA certified college counselor and is a member of MIT Educational Council.